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The 14th Guangzhou Artificial Plant And Flower & Artware & Housewares Fair

The Exhibition time:

9:00-21:00, April/October,21-26

9:00-12:00, April/October, 27


The Exhibition Site: On the first floor hall,Guangzhou International Souring Center  Guangzhou . China  

(Beside the B zone of the Canton Fair, Exit A of the Subway Pazhou Station)

Organizer: Guangzhou Ming-Zhan Exhibition Service Co.,LTD

Exhibition Area: 60,000 square meters

No. of Exhibitors :About 368

No. of Buyers: About 39600 people

The Exhibition Period :Twice a year (Spring, Autumn)

Spring: 21-27, April  Autumn: 21-27,October

Visitors: Only overseas trade personage and purchasing representative can enter .Persons under 18 years old are not admitted.



Exhibition range:

Artificial Plant ,Ceramic Artwork,Weaving,Housewares


Artificial Plant and Flower :Artificial plant,Artificial flower,Dried flower,Simulated plant wall,Artificial lawn ,Ornamental plant,Decorative plant,Bonsai etc.



Domestic Ceramics:Family kitchen and household ceramics ,Hotel kitchen and daily ceramics,Other kitchen and household ceramics,Imitation ceramics, etc


Crafts Ceramics:Art ceramics,Ceramic crafts,Horticulture and garden ceramics


Glass & Crystal products:Glassware,Glass decoration,Glass household articles,Crystal crafts,Other glass crafts, etc


Stainless Steel product:Family kitchen and daily stainless steel,Hotel kitchen and daily stainless steel,Other kitchen and daily stainless steel ,etc


Artsware & Weaving

Weaving Handicraft: Willow products, Bamboo, Wood, Straw weaving, etc

Resin products: Animals,Characters, Cartoons, Religion, Scenery, Festivals, Garden water modeling, Simulation, etc

Iron Crafts: Rattan iron crafts

Other Crafts: Traditional crafts, Business gifts, Carving products, Jewelry, Paper products and packaging products




Outdoor & Horticulture: Outdoor furniture, Outdoor products, Gardening decorations, Gardening tools, Flower seedlings, Bonsai, Stone carving , etc

Home Decoration: Decorative furniture, Lighting, Decorative candles, Candlestick and related products, Painting, Picture frame, Calligraphy and painting, Oil painting,Block painting, Photo frame, Craft picture frame, Decorative mirror, Table supplies, Door and window decoration,Wall decoration, etc

Lighting: Interior decoration lamps, Craft lighting,Furniture lighting, LED lighting, etc

Festival,Party Supplies & Decoration :Balloon party supplies, Party setting and decoration ;Christmas setting and decorations , Easter supplies and decorations, Halloween supplies and decorations, Other festivals supplies and decorations, etc





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